When will my campaign go live?

First you need to set up your campaign by following these steps on the dashboard:

1) Select Type
Choose what type of campaign you'd like to set up. You can choose either Site Retargeting or Facebook Exchange.
2) Setup Details
Next you will enter details about your account, including Campaign Name, Website, and select what package you'd like to purchase.
3) Choose Segment
At this point you will create segments to separate your audience. You can choose to include or exclude segments from campaign, and whether you'd like to record a conversion for the segment.
4) Manage Ads
Here you will be asked to select the creatives you'd like to use for the campaign. You can choose to use creatives from your library or upload new creatives. New creatives will go live within one business day after being uploaded.
5) Summary & Checkout
Finally you can review the details of your account and provide your payment information. 

If you've set up your campaign on the dashboard and placed the ReTargeter Tag on your site, your campaign will go live after 1 business day as soon as your ads have passed creative audit.

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