Which of ReTargeter's solutions is best suited for my business?

ReTargeter offers a wide range of display advertising and retargeting solutions, and some will work better for your business than others.

Site Retargeting

Focus your ads exclusively to people who have previously visited your site, increase conversion rates and boost ROI, and reach users on over 98% of all online display ad inventory

Audience Targeting Deliver the right messages to the right people with audience targeting by targeting ads based on demographic, geographic, income, and intent data. This allows you to serve highly relevant, targeted display ads to your ideal customer.

Facebook Exchange
Retargeting on the Facebook Exchange lets you stay in front of your bounced traffic while they're on Facebook. Reach your audience on the world's most popular social network!

Dynamic Retargeting
Our dynamic retargeting solution uses advanced behavioral data about your users to show them ads for the products they're most likely to be interested in.

CRM Retargeting
CRM retargeting allows you to serve display ads to people with nothing more than an email or mailing address. Bridge the offline-online gap that currently exists in your marketing efforts and magnifying the power of your mailing lists.

Email Retargeting
Get more out of email marketing by serving retargeted display ads to anyone who opens your emails.

Search Retargeting
Search retargeting is a highly effective top of funnel solution that allows you to target ads based on search behavior. Show ads only to people who are in-market and already looking for information on your company, your competitors, or your product or service.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, please feel free to call us at (415) 738-0573 so we can learn more about your business and make a recommendation that is aligned with your marketing objectives.

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